How to Watch and Stream ‘Fast X’ – Amoxil


How to Watch and Stream ‘Fast X’ – Amoxil

The Fast & Furious film franchise is finally coming to an end after 12 years and a seemingly infinite number of sequels and spinoffs. Or at least, it’s starting to: Fast X is the first half of an epic finale that will span two movies.

Series mainstays Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jason Statham, Sung Kang and Jordana Brewster are all reprising their roles, along with a panoply of supporting talent including John Cena, Alan Ritchson, Helen Mirren, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Nathalie Emmanuel, Cardi B, Rita Moreno, Pete Davidson, and Scott Eastwood.

Perhaps most notably, Fast X introduces Jason Momoa as Dante, a compelling new bad guy who steals just about every scene he’s in. “For the finale of this great saga we wanted to bring in a super interesting and formidable villain,” Diesel told Men’s Health. “It was important to create the space where Jason could feel comfortable to produce some great work, to flesh out his character in a way that supports a talent’s creative drive.”

The film will also feature a cameo from Meadow Rain Walker, the daughter of the late actor Paul Walker, who starred in the first several installments of the franchise before his death in 2013 while filming Fast & Furious 7.

“The first fast was released when I was one year old!” Meadow wrote on Instagram after sharing a sneak peek at her appearance in the movie. “I grew up on set watching my father, Vin, Jordana, Michelle, Chris and more on the monitors. Thanks to my dad, I was born into the fast family. I can’t believe now I get to be up there too. With those who have been around to see me grow up.”

Diesel has confirmed that while Walker’s character was previously given an off-screen happy ending when he was written out of the franchise—Brian O’Conner left the crew to raise a family with his wife—the final chapter will include a tribute to Walker and officially bring his story to a close. “I couldn’t image this saga ending without truly saying goodbye to Brian O’Conner,” Diesel told Total Film.

How can I watch and stream Fast X?

Fast X was released by Universal Studios on Friday, May 19—exclusively in theaters. This means the movie won’t be available to watch on any streaming services for the time being. Once its cinematic run is over, you can expect a short wait before you can rent or buy it on home release. Fast X is also expected to stream on Peacock after its theatrical run as part of Universal Picture’s deal with the streaming platform. A streaming date has not yet been announced.

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