The 10 Best Solar Generators for Camping in 2023, Tested by a Gear Editor – Amoxil


The 10 Best Solar Generators for Camping in 2023, Tested by a Gear Editor – Amoxil

What will a 1000-watt solar generator run?

This is one of the most common types offered by today’s solar generator manufacturers. Most 1,000-watt models can run smaller, low-power devices like lights, coffeemakers, flat-screen TVs, portable fans, and laptops, plus some blenders and power tools, too.

What size solar generator should I get?

The short answer is: Overestimate your power needs. Buy a solar generator with more capacity than you think you need. The 1,000-watt-hour (Wh) capacity is a common middle ground in the industry, and this is ideal for most casual weekend campers and car campers looking to top up smaller electronics on the go. For a family of four on a weekend camping trip with an average amount of electronics, a 1,000Wh solar generator should suffice.

But, even a small converted van with a typical “van life” setup—including lights, a camp fridge/freezer, and regular topping up of a couple of phones and laptops—will eat through 1,000Wh very quickly. If you plan to use your solar generator for any more than casual use, consider models with at least a 1,500Wh capacity.

For home or emergency preparedness, you’re going to want a solar generator with a minimum 2,000Wh capacity. Ideally, buy the highest-capacity generator you can realistically afford.

Can I run an entire house on only solar power?

Technically, yes. With enough capacity, a large enough solar panel array, and adequate sunshine, you could power your house indefinitely using only a solar generator setup. But you’ll need several of the largest solar generators on the market, daisy-chained (interconnected), plus a handful of large (at least 200W) solar panels. Proper power management—only turning lights on when you absolutely need them, turning down your refrigerator to its lowest setting, and switching your tech gadgets off when not in use—can help, too. Realistically, even the best solar generators are meant for occasional use. To reliably run your entire house on solar power, you’re better off looking for a permanently installed residential setup.

How many years can a solar generator last?

The best solar generators are built to last for decades. Battery technology and power management software have come a long way since the turn of the century and especially in the last few years. Plus, with little to no moving parts, there’s nothing mechanical inside most modern solar generators to maintain. With appropriate care, almost any decent solar generator you buy nowadays should last at least 20 years.

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